Spirituality is something very elusive. It cannot be comprehended by scientific method or by the processes of reason. It cannot be known by the mind or measured or recorded.It is something which can only be felt, or sensed inwardly. We might encounter it in nature, in art, in other people in their most significant interactions with us, and when we are in a deep state of silent connection. When we do get a sense of it, it is ephemeral, but unmistakable.

It is also something we associate with the divine, in our understanding of God, or gods, and the sacred. It is at the heart of ritual and poetry, and in the deep stirrings of our souls.

The spiritual dimension of our nature has been called ‘the fifth dimension’. It is said that we are actually spiritual beings experiencing human, or material, form. In fact seems to be the assumption underlying all the world’s major religions, with their very different views and articulations, of course, as to what ‘reality’ and the ultimate destiny of human beings is.

Spirituality is something that has interested me all my life, something I have pursued consistently, through study and reading, through carefully processing my thoughts and feelings around life experiences, and through the age-old practices of mindfulness and meditation. I share some of my understanding of spirituality in these pages.

I am available to speak to your group about meditation, mindfulness and spiritual practices and by this would hope to give you a brief understanding and experience of these. Please contact me for more details, on diana@dianaraven.co.uk or on 07980 825168.

Please find below a recording of a body scan meditation. It is based on teachings of the Breathworks-Mindfulness-Meditation programme.

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