Hello to you and welcome!

I am Diana Raven – I am a celebrant, a writer, academic manque, artist and musician. The purpose of this site is to support my writing projects as well as my work as a celebrant. I like the idea of keeping a spiritual journal and I will be blogging my thoughts regularly, even though some of them might not be very spiritual!

Over time these will be collated – formed and shaped into what I think might be three books on different but related themes. One of these, a book about the weddings and other ceremonies I conduct, has been incubating for some time, the two others have arisen recently out of current activities.  All relate to my lifelong interest in spirituality, my commitment to my own spiritual development, and my desire to assist others, so far as I am able, to develop and progress along their own path.

The story of The Pilgrim’s Progress comes to mind as I reflect upon the journey, with its highways and byways, the excitement of the journey, the aha! moments, the small glimpses of enlightenment, the darker moments of disconnection and spiritual bypass.

I once saw the following saying on a postcard : I can’t decide whether to be a shining example or a terrible warning!  Of course the truth is that we all provide something of both – but whichever I am, I hope you will share my learning and learn from my journey

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