Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

This is a mindful meditation session for complete beginners, focussing on the body. Mindfulness and meditation are about learning to quiet the mind, and this guided meditation helps us to learn to quiet the body. It is based on the wonderful teachings of Breathworks in their programme developed to help cope with pain, illness and stress. It will help you if you are in pain, and it will also help if you suffer from niggles, irritations, vague aches and pains, restlessness and so on. It all begins with stilling the body, and this meditation will help you to do this even if you have never tried mindful meditation before.

This recording was originally made to support NHS medical staff.

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  1. This exercise is incredibly helpful and beautifully delivered. The tone of voice is soothing and the wording is thoughtfully crafted.

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